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Ancient Civilizations

Ancient Civilizations

During the 3rd and 4th Six Weeks, you will be traveling to the past to explore ancient cultures and civilizations.  This project has two parts:  a research project presentation and a product for display.  Each GT student should choose a different culture or civilization so together we will create a history of humankind.  I have included an extensive list of possible cultures and civilizations for you to choose from but please feel free to explore others with approval from me.  Your research project presentation should include multiple subtopics, and I have included a list of those in these instructions.  We may know more about some aspects of these civilizations than others, but this list should give you an idea of the direction you need to go.  You have many options for your research project presentation - large tri-fold display, PowerPoint presentation, or other presentation method – pictures will enhance your presentation.  The second part of your project should be a product that represents the culture or civilization, and the possibilities are endless.  Some suggestions are included in these instructions to inspire you, but again, please feel free to develop other possibilities and obtain approval by me.  Your final projects should be of a high quality and show a high level of effort and thought.


Possible cultures and civilizations:

Greece Egypt Persia
Rome Iron Age Korea
Minoans Bronze Age Vietnam
Saxons Celts Native Americans
Huns Stone Age Vikings
India Aztecs Mayans
Babylonia Crete Incas
Mongolians Japan China
Hittites Sumerians Mesopotamia


Research Project Topics:


  • Time Period
  • Language/Writing
  • Architecture/City Planning/Dwellings
  • Art/Music/Literature
  • Religion/Philosophy
  • Clothing/Accessories/Adornments
  • Food/Cooking/Agriculture
  • Military/Warfare
  • Economy/Business/Currency
  • Exploration/Expansion
  • Science/Technology
  • Geography/Climate/Topography
  • Government/Leaders
  • Major Contributions to Society
  • Major Events
  • Daily Life



Representative Products:


  • A model of a building or dwelling
  • An example of an artifact or piece of art
  • A model of dress or clothing
  • A map showing the civilization’s expansion or military conquests
  • Prepare a dish from the time
  • An example of an invention or technology
  • Write a song, a poem, or a short piece of literature